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Parents as Partners


We believe that parents are the first educators of their children and that children learn through everything that they do and experience.

We will offer you opportunities to be part of what we do here at Paddington’s by working with you to develop initiatives for home and family learning.

Settling in

Children about to start nursery are encouraged to make one or two familiarisation visits with a parent/carer to help them settle in.

On their first ‘proper’ day with us, they will be welcomed by their class teacher and re-introduced to the other children. Whilst we try not to encourage children to bring their own toys from home with them, sometimes a teddy or blanket can be a comfort during the first few days. However, most children quickly settle in and enjoy their new surroundings. The settling in period is different for each child, and it may be advised that your child does some shorter sessions to begin with. This will help them to overcome the separation anxiety and support their individual needs.


Our registration and management practices are supported by a comprehensive set of policies and procedures, contained in our Operating Plan, which assure our compliance to the latest Care Standards.  These are available in our reception for you.

Connect Childcare / ParentZone

ParentZone is a smartphone app which gives you access to information about your child’s day at a time which suits you best.

  • ParentZone increases your partnership with your child's Nursery by allowing two way communication.
  • Have access to a timeline of Daily Events and Observations and Assessments including photos and videos or send a ‘Day in the life’ report straight to your email address.
  • Add observations from home using pictures and videos.
  • Communicate with your nursery through direct messages.