Parents as Partners



We believe that parents are the first educators of their children and that children learn through everything that they do and experience.

We will offer you opportunities to be part of what we do here at Paddington’s by working with you to develop initiatives for home and family learning.


Settling in

Children about to start nursery are encouraged to make one or two familiarisation visits with a parent/carer to help them settle in.

On their first ‘proper’ day with us, they will be welcomed by their Paddington’s Key Person and re-introduced to the other children. Whilst we try not to encourage children to bring their own toys from home with them, sometimes a teddy or blanket can be a comfort during the first few days. However, most children quickly settle in and enjoy their new surroundings.


Communication with Parents

This section of our website is designed for attending parents. Communication is of paramount importance at Paddington Nursery and we aim to give you access to up to date documents and information to ensure you always know what is going on at the Nursery School.


Healthy Eating

At Paddington’s we are passionate about food and consider it to be essential for healthy and content children.

We try to involve children as much as we can in the preparation of snacks. Sometimes, children will make and bake for their friends. We also introduce the children from an early age to the importance of recycling and even have our own ‘eco committee’.

We ask that sweets and crisps are not brought to nursery as we are a health promoting establishment.

As well as this, we have children with allergies and diet requirements and we need to be sure that we carefully control what foods are consumed on the premises to ensure the safety of all.

We are promoting a NUT FREE ZONE. Children with peanut allergies can become very ill and some can have a very low tolerance. Therefore we would ask for your support on this matter.



Our registration and management practices are supported by a comprehensive set of policies and procedures, contained in our Operating Plan, which assure our compliance to the latest Care Standards.  These are available on request for inspection by parents / carers at the nursery.  Of particular note are the following:


Equal Opportunities Policy

Paddington Nursery welcomes all children and adults and does not discriminate in any way in respect of gender, race or ethnic origin, creed, colour, religion, disabilities or impairments. Every child and adult will be treated as an individual with individual needs; this includes special educational needs where appropriate.


Complaints Procedure

If at any time you feel there is a problem, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff who you feel can appropriately deal with your issue, for example, your child’s Key Worker or the Manager. Alternatively you can write to the Nursery Manager.


Child protection in the Nursery (excerpt)

Paddington Nursery believes that every child in our care has the right to freedom from abuse.

The fundamental responsibility of the nursery is to ensure the welfare and protection of children in our care. All staff are subject to references from previous employers and a thorough interview process.


Behaviour Management

Our nursery staff believe in the strong promotion of children’s good behaviour through the acknowledgement and praise of positive, considerate and caring attitudes and actions. Staff encourage self-discipline, consideration and respect for others and for the property, facilities and surroundings of the nursery setting. We promote these values by treating children with respect and through leading by example. Staff act in a caring and considerate manner towards each other, and it is considered that in this way children will develop a positive attitude for the future and promote their independence.