Preparing for a New Term

We are over half way through Summer and the laughter and smiles of the children at Paddington Nursery have made our Summer Camp a success.

We hope all our Paddington families and friends are enjoying their Summer holiday and finding ways to escape the hot temperatures of Dubai.

We are busy preparing schedules for family days and staff training which will all take place before we start Term 1 on Sunday the 10th September, our first day of term.

Please note, lots of time, attention and care goes into forming our classroom teams to ensure the best outcomes for your children.

You should have all received details in your inbox of your family day, date and time, along with your all about me form. If for some reason, you haven’t received please email:

Please note, Family Days are an opportunity for you to get to know your class teachers and give them information about your little ones.

We ask all parents to complete – all about me forms to bring along to the family day. Before the first day of term all classroom team members will read the all about me forms to get to know your children as much as possible, this will help the teachers settle your children into their class.

We have a range of settling in options to suit the different needs of the children and these will be discussed with parents during the family days.

Over the next few weeks we will be sending you information on classroom teams and schedules.


Enjoy the rest of your summer