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Holiday camps

All areas highlighted in yellow on our academic calendar are camp. During this time, we have availability for registered and non-registered children. Children are provided with the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities. We have different themes and something for all ages to enjoy. 


Afternoon club

We have flexible days and timings available, with drop off for registered and non-registered children too. We have a fun filled afternoon schedule with activities including; music and dance, arts and crafts, phonics and many more. 



Music Monkeys  

Our Music Monkey classes are designed and planned to ensure all children can participate, have fun and learn in a safe and secure environment. Each lesson includes action songs, the use of instruments (such as drums, tambourines and maracas), parachute play, toy props and fun with bubbles. We also aim to incorporate simple musical knowledge such as pitch and tone.

All our lessons cover the 3 prime areas of learning as set out in the British EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stages) – Communication and Language; Personal, Social and Emotional; Physical Development.



We have a wonderful languages teacher who teaches Arabic and French to children of all ages. These language sessions are planned to meet the individual needs of the children in that age group. The sessions consist of messy play, songs, puppets and role play. Our languages teacher also offers extra-curricular classes a couple of afternoons a week for children ages 2 years plus. 


Phoenix Rising Yoga (additional charge)

Phoenix Rising's Spread Your Wings classes are a unique mixture of Pilates, yoga and AcroYoga; these practices form an active support to natural growth in youngsters at a time when they begin to sit for long periods.  As experts in teaching children’s yoga and Pilates, Phoenix Rising has designed these classes especially for children to help them find a calm and balanced mind, develop their creativity as well as build a strong and flexible body.

The Spread Your Wings classes combine the strengthening techniques of Pilates, flexibility and mindfulness of yoga and playfulness of AcroYoga with classes woven around themes to introduce emotional concepts such as caring, sharing, exploration and compassion.



L.S Swimming Academy  

Offer different swimming classes for a variety of ages including babies and toddlers. Parent & Baby Classes. An innovative programme to introduce babies from a few months old with the accompanying adult to a water adventure where water confidence and safety skills are introduced


Toddler Swimming Classes (2-5 years old)

The Toddler Series is an exciting series of 7 progressive awards specifically designed to teach learners from 2 years – with or without an accompanying adult – basic swimming and water safety skills.

These classes are not held on our site but made available to our parents with a preferential rate at the Bonington Hotel in JLT.