Essential Information


Opening Times

8am – 6.00pm, Sunday-Thursday

The Nursery will be open at 7.30 for early drop off and then the main door will be open 10 before the session begins.  This allows time for you to sign the register, speak with staff and say your goodbyes and hellos.


What to bring with you

Your child should bring:

  • A healthy snack and lunch (depending on your child’s timings) with an ice block to keep the food cool.  Please make sure all containers are labelled
  • A labelled water bottle
  • Spare clothes (clothing, pants, socks). All clothes should be clearly labelled.
  • Soft indoor feet covering as the nursery has a no shoes policy 
  • Sun cream and hat
  • Nappies/wipes to last the day



Only medication prescribed by a doctor may be brought into the nursery. This must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and date and given to the Nurse, who will ask you to sign a permission slip to administer that medication.


Accidents and Incidents

Despite extensive risk analysis and all efforts to remove hazards, accidents can happen. All such incidents are recorded, monitored and reported back to the parent/carer, who will be asked to sign an accident book. Where an accident is of a serious nature, we will contact the parent/carer or the emergency contact to advise them of what has happened and what action is being taken. Where necessary, we will contact the child’s doctor or the emergency services.


What to do in case of sickness

Any child who has, or develops, an infectious illness must be kept at home in order to help prevent the spread of illness. This includes conditions such as vomiting, diarrhoea, discharges from eyes or mouth, conjunctivitis, sore throat and obvious rashes. In particular, any child suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea must be kept at home until clear of symptoms for a minimum period of 48 hours. Please call the nursery before 8.00hrs if your child is unable to attend. For more details speak with the Nursery Manager or ask for a copy of our complete sickness policy.



All visitors to the nursery are greeted and released by a member of staff. Only those who are pre-authorised to collect their child from nursery will be allowed to do so, unless approval is given by the parent/carer. Parents/carers are asked to leave an emergency number where they can be contacted.



Baby milk is not provided by the nursery. Formula or expressed milk must be supplied by the parent/carer in bottles clearly labelled with your child’s name. Weaning foods must be supplied in clearly labelled containers. All milk and food must be passed to the teacher on arrival for safe storage.